Wednesday, January 7, 2009

~*~*Coming Soon!*~*~

"Surprise the Groom" Sessions
Valentine Marathon Sessions!

~LIMITED sessions avaiable!~

Boudoir photography is...
Sexy-Fun-Classy-Accentuating a woman's beauty-Intended to give to her husband or groom as a gift-With the hope to combat society's view of "beauty," bringing out the beauty in every woman, no matter what shape or size. We're bringing curvy back! :)

Boudoir Photography is NOT...
-Cheesy glamour-type photography (a la Deb's glamour shots from Napoleon Dynamite).
-Sleezy X-rated shots (showing more really isn't more, if you catch our drift!)
-Photos of a man and a woman doing things that should be left behind closed bedroom doors. We consider this "couple's intimate photography," which is a completely different genre of photography.

My Goal with every boudoir shoot: To celebrate each woman individually, capturing her in a new light that can re-ignite confidence and the way she sees herself. I hope to make a positive effect on the way our society views beauty and bring it back from it's current state of distortion. To celebrate all shapes and sizes!

~Alright ladies, who is ready for their Session?~
For those of you that haven't heard of them in the past here's what its all about:

You come in and get your hair and makeup done, sip some wine and get some seriously
gorgeous portraits of yourself to share with the man in your life or just for yourself so you can see what a hottie you truly are! The images can be combined into a book or you can have some loose prints to do what you'd like with them. So grab your girlfriends and schedule your appointments now!

Boudoir Marathons cost $xx.xx(to be updated) plus tax and include the following:

* a private photo shoot at one of several downtown locations

* as many outfit changes as we can fit in (usually 2-3 outfits)

* as many poses as you like - and I have a ton of ideas for you!

* a pre-shoot cheat sheet with tons of ideas for the shoot

* a CD of high-resolution print-ready images

* optional hair and makeup service: $xx.xx (to be updated)

Boudoir photography does not require its subject
to be a beautiful, physically perfect woman.

It does not require the use of extravagant equipment, props, and studio space.

In fact, the very essence of boudoir photography is the idea that its subject is not a professional model and may not necessarily be in the bedroom.

No longer confined to the idea of heavy makeup, lingerie, and the bedroom, the new age of boudoir photography is casual, sensual, and sexy.

I can make brides whose nerves are full throttle on their wedding day look absolutely fabulous, kids having meltdowns look perfectly adorable, so making you look and feel glamorous is really not much of a challenge!

~What Should I Wear?~

What you want to convey in your boudoir portraits will largely dictate what you will wear and how you will dress. If you will have bare skin photographed, then you should wear loose fitting clothing (avoiding anything with elastic or wires) around any portion of your body that will be shown to the camera. Tight fitting or elastic clothing leaves indentations and marks on the skin that will show up prominently in the photographs. To get that silky skin look, wear loose fitting clothing prior to your boudoir portrait session. Also avoid sitting or leaning on anything that will leave creases in the skin.

* A beautiful evening dress * His uniform * A vest * Biker shorts * Wild jewelry * Anything that he gave you * His favorite ball team sweatshirt or jersey * The tools of your trade * A romantic symbol (wine glass, flowers, etc.) * Sexy Costume * A workout outfit with dumbbells * Western hat and boots * A sweater or blouse that sparkles * A body stocking * Tee shirts with rips or holes * Colorful panties and bra * His overalls * Silk boxer shorts * His golf clubs * Anything thin or transparent * An off the shoulder top * Leather anything * Sun glasses * Scarfs * Lingerie * skimpy g string bikinis * micro bikini * Your bridal gown or veil (especially for new brides) * High heels * Cutoffs that are too short * Jockey underwear for ladies * A bath towel (with wet hair) * Anything fishnet * A vest, visor and playing cards * Your favorite teddy bear (for that innocent little girl appeal)* A fur coat * A mini skirt * His favorite old shirt * Tank shirts that are too tight * Tank shirts that are too short * Hats and gloves * Stockings (various) * Tight shorts * A bath robe * The honeymoon outfit * His work belt with tools * His hard hat * His hunting jacket * Any props from home * Thigh high stockings with or without garters * The tools of his trade * Artistic nude (very subtle) * Tasteful nudes (Playboy style, etc.) How about that dress he gave you that you can't wear just anywhere Or that sexy shirt you wear around the house but would not't want to wear to the store? And the list goes on and on. Use your imagination and be creative!

The goal in selecting what to wear is to convey a sense of romance, sensuality, playfulness, love, and affection.

~Feeling Bashful?~

Try getting together with your friends. If you and some close friends have ever wanted some tasteful, intimate or sexy photographs of yourselves, to give to your special someone, but felt uncomfortable going to a studio, why not have a Boudoir Photo-Party.

Invite some of your closest friends for a Party! Usually 6-8 guests works best. During the party, your friends will have their Photo's taken, all the while enjoying some wine, champagne or a beverage of your choice, maybe some fruit & chocolate, whatever foods and drink you wish to serve, and you will be able to enjoy conversation and visit with your friends in a non-stressful, party atmosphere, everyone is comfortable and at their most natural relaxed selves!

~Who Will See The Proofs?~

Only you and whoever you show
will see these images unless you agree to the model release
and allow me to present select shots on my websites.

~What About Hair and Makeup?~

Since you want to look your absolute best you should either plan some significant time to do your hair and makeup, or have it done professionally. Having these services performed professionally takes the worry and anxiety out of the process, but it does add cost to the overall portrait session. If you do not have someone you can trust for these services, then we may be able to offer some suggestions for these services. If you decide to do the makeup and hair yourself, then prepare yourself like you would for a very elaborate night on the town. Makeup should be applied a little heavier than normal, but avoid going to extremes around the eyes.

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